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Training involves mainly the dissemination of specialized knowledge and support to employed and unemployed mental health professionals as well as to patients in order to promote their reintegration into the work force. More specifically, UMHRI operates the following training sections: :

1.1 Vocational Training Center

1.2 UMHRI's Specialized Center of Social and Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Special Needs

1.3 Continuing Education / Training Programs:

A) Cognitive Therapy
B) Training Program in Systemic Family and Marital Therapy
C) Psychosexual disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
D) Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders
E) Behavioral Family Therapy in Psychosis
F) Clinical Psychopathology
G) Brief ad hoc seminars
H) International Collaborative Training Programs

Educational Programs and Units that have been concluded:

1. Training Center for the Prevention of Drug Use and the Promotion of Health
2. Panhellenic Educational Programme for mental health professionals
3. Past Educational/Training Projects carried out by UMHRI



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