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  UMHRI operates Laboratories and Research Units that encompass a wide range of subjects from most fields of psychiatry and the neurosciences with an emphasis on the role of biological, environmental and other factors on the development of psychiatric disorders and illnesses. More specifically:

• Basic and Applied Research in the Neuroscientific Field

1.1. Neurobiology and Histochemistry Laboratory
1.2. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory
1.3. Psychophysiology Laboratory
1.4. Laboratory of Psychiatric Genetics
1.5. Experimental Neurophysiology and Psychopharmacology Laboratory
1.6. Signal processing Laboratory
1.7. Laboratory of Chronobiology and Environmental Effects in Psychopathology
1.8. Laboratory of Sensorimotor Control

• Epidemiological - Psychosocial Research

• International Collaborative Studies

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